Royale Lynn, Queen of Punktry, Debuts New Genre with Single “Runs in the Water”

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

I’ve always had it deep inside, a love for country and rock. Country is who I am, it’s in my blood and how I was raised. Yet when my dad cranked his favorite classic rock tunes from the stereo system in our living room, I couldn’t help but want to rock out as a kid. It’s like my body came truly alive. I’ve always gravitated towards the lyrics in country music. They understand how my family lives on the land and the hard work we do day in and day out. Yet, I’ve also gravitated towards to upbeat and hard-core sounds of rock with the electric guitar and pounding beat of the drums.

Finally, one of my favorite artists has set out to combine the two, debuting a genre she calls Punktry. Royale Lynn just released her new single, “Runs In The Water” and it has quickly become my go-to song to jam out to. The song perfectly combines lyrics that describe living in the country, being proud of hard work and where you come from, with the hard-core sounds of punk rock to express that passion deep inside.

“One road in, one road out. One creek runs top-down North to South. The way it’s rollin’ where it’s goin’ lets us know where we come from. It’s in our blood, let me tell you somethin’…”


While I grew up on 90’s country and my dad’s classic rock, my teen years were in the early 2000’s – a time with the best punk rock in my opinion. I was able to go to concerts on my own for the first time and with not many country friends who grew up on a farm, I quickly found myself crowd surfing at the Warped Tour. Country music lyrics get me and the sound of rock n’ roll lets me escape. In her new single, Royale Lynn allows me to feel both. The lyrics in “Runs In The Water” understand my country life – it is hard core. The way we work hard, the way we love the land and the way we celebrate life. Royale’s voice conveys this way of life throughout the song, you can feel the essence of what it means to be proud of being country deep inside.

“Bring the dust bring the drought, what’s running here ain’t running out. All that mud is thick as sludge it’s busy pumping through these veins. We’ve been saved and baptized, took a bite of the apple and didn’t die...”

– Royale Lynn

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of getting to know more about Royale Lynn’s music and her journey from Canada to Nashville. You can read more about her here: ROYALE LYNN IS QUEEN OF THE WESTERN WORLD WHERE ALL SHE NEEDS IS HER HORSE, GUITAR AND DREAMS. It is evident she will always have a heart for country music. Her first releases were true to her free spirit and love of the western lifestyle. It’s amazing to now see Royale evolve her sound to reach new audiences. Punktry marries the heart of country life with the punk rock sounds many of us love to jam out to. We don’t have to stick to just one genre, we can blend aspects of both to create a new sound – and I am here for it!

Don’t wait – download and stream “Runs In The Water” now on Spotify and all streaming platforms. I can’t wait to hear more from Royal Lynn. To stay in the know of her new music and shows visit and follow her on Instagram @royalelynnmusic

For more on the latest in country music and farm life, follow me @farmgirlwithcurls

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