Spring Sounds to Get You Up on the Dance Floor or Jam Out with the Top Down on a Gravel Road

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

All February I was embracing the unusual Ohio sunshine that made me feel like Spring has already arrived. Now that March is here and I’m about to celebrate another trip around the sun, I want to share some new music to help you do the same. So, if you’re ready for outdoor parties, concerts, or just jamming out to some fresh sounds with the top down then read on…

Karley Scott CollinsPetty in the 80s

When Spring rolls around, it can get me feeling nostalgic with all the memories of concerts and crushes. Karley captures the feeling of falling in love perfectly in her new single “Petty in the 80s”. She describes how a new love makes her feel and uses Petty’s classic song “Free Fallin'” as a metaphor. She just can’t get enough of the old-school way he loves her. Karley will have you singing along and swaying from the start in this fun throwback tune.

You got me
Free fallin’ like Petty in the ’80s
First time not afraid of levitatin’
Don’t need nobody to save me
Yeah, you got me, baby
Lately, lovin’ the way you love me old-school crazy
I’d go wherever you take me
Free fallin’ like Petty in the ’80s

– Karley Scott Collins

Aly & AJAfter Hours

With a new album set to release in March, Aly & AJ are crossing genres in every way, and I am here for it. In their latest release, “After Hours” they immediately make you feel relaxed. They sing of how everyday responsibilities like paying bills can leave you feeling stressed all day, but after hours you can finally forget about the responsibilities and be yourself. Just taking time to let loose and let go is what this feel-good tune is all about.

Everybody needs some time, take some time just to get away
Baby, I could find some time, I’ve got time on my hands

After hours when the city’s in bed
After hours, that’s when I’m out of my head
I’m a live wire, it’s when I’m at my best
After hours, after hours

– Aly & Aj

Grant Gilbert & Josh Abbott Six Pack State of Mind

When you just want it to be 5 o’clock with a drink in hand, Grant Gilbert and Josh Abbott have you covered. For those days when the workday can’t pass quick enough and you’re counting down the minutes until a cold one is in your hand – “Six Pack State of Mind” will be your jam. With an upbeat classic country meets rock sound, you’ll quickly find yourself two-steppin’ with six empty cans of beer by 5:03 after listening to this song.

That time clock bomb’s tickin’ and
I’m watchin’ that minute hand
Til’ there’s a cold one in mine
I’m gonna put one can in front of the other
To a two left two step George Strait cover
Get three or four sheets to the wind
‘Cause, y’all, I’m in
A five o’clock quittin’ time
Six pack state of mind

– Grant Gilbert & Josh Abbott

Dierks BentleyGold

Not everyone can understand how driving on gravel can feel like a road made of gold. If you’re country, then you know how hard it is to be working the day away. When you can finally stop to breathe in the Spring air and feel the sunshine, hoping in the truck and driving down a winding road is the best feeling. Dierks captures how gravel is like gold for a country person’s soul in this take-it-easy tune from his new album Gravel & Gold out now.

Ain’t it crazy
All the time that you spend
Drivin’ through the rainbow for the pot at the end
I got some rust on my Chevy but it’s ready to roll
I got a rhinestone sky and a song in my soul
It ain’t a smooth ride, life, it’s a winding road
Yeah, it might be gravel, but it feels like gold

– Dierks Bentley

These four songs are just the start of many great releases yet to come this Spring. Stay tuned at farmgirlwithcurls.com and follow me on Instagram @farmgirlwithcurls for more new music to add to your warm weather playlist this year.

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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