Your Must-Listen-To Spring Break Songs

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Whether you’re on Spring break or wishing you still were, I have four new songs for your Spring break playlist. These songs are sure to put you in a laid-back vibe or have you reminiscing on Spring break love.

Spring BreakStu Basham

This is the song for when you find love on your Spring break trip to Cancun and before you know it, they hop on the next flight home. Now you are left with regret for letting her go. You were falling in love under the Cancun stars, and you never should have let her get on that plane. Stu Basham sings of how nothing breaks your heart like a Spring break. The lyrics set the vibe of longing for love lost in paradise as he sings of all the things that he should have done to make her stay – even laying down on the runway…

“We were falling in love every kiss in the moonlight.
Wishing on Cancun stars it was more than just one night.
Had to go our separate ways,
I never should’ve let her get on that plane.
Now she’s 5 foot 7 of got away,
Nothing breaks your heart like a Spring break.”

– Stu Basham

Couple Spring Breaks BackPriscilla Block

This song brings back all the nostalgic feels of tan lines, air-brushed t-shirts and falling in love while listening to Kenny Chesney on the beach. Priscilla Block sings of all these things that will have you daydreaming of that special Spring break trip that can never be relived again. It was a time when you were young, all your friends packed in a motel room, and the week went by way too fast. You knew he would break your heart, but fell for him anyways because you were so in the moment. If you could go back in time you would, but this song will have to do…

“I remember your Myrtle beach sunburn, airbrushed T-shirt,
Balcony Busch Light, looking so good.
Truck stop shades, Circle K hat,
When you were mine a couple Spring breaks back.
Sand in the sheets and boardwalk kisses,
Your arms around me, damn, I miss
Those seven suns that set too fast.
When you were mine a couple Spring breaks back.”

– Priscilla Block

Whole ‘Nother MargaritaJulia Cole

When you think of Spring break, you may think of delicious margaritas. This song is for when you strike up a conversation at the beach bar over a margarita and then things start to get spicy, well that’s a whole ‘nother margarita for each of you. Julia Cole brings the fun lovin’ vibes as she sings about falling more in love with the person in the bar stool next to her with each sweet sip. So, throw on your summer cowgirl hat and order up a whole ‘nother margarita, on the rocks or frozen. It doesn’t matter because you’ll soon find yourself chasing a kiss with the salt off their lips…

“But that’s a whole ‘nother margarita babe,
A next level can’t explain the way.
Oh, you’ve got forever on my mind,
Cause that’d take all night.
So, let’s just get drunk off this kiss,
I wanna chase it with the salt off your lips.
Oh, boy the way I’m needing your skin on mine, there ain’t time,
For a whole ‘nother margarita babe.”

– Julia Cole

Party On The BeachBrian Kelley

When you think of beach country music, you may think of Kenny Chesney, but I’ve been turning up Brian Kelley’s album Sunshine State of Mind. Released two summers ago, this has become a go-to for my Spring break vibes. “Party On The Beach” is the perfect tune to get you looking forward to a good time with friends on the beach. It has that laid back sound to put you in a relaxed mood. Brian describes the perfect night of watching the sunset with good people around a fire. It doesn’t get much better than a party on the beach every flip floppin’ day of the week…

“Yeah, it’s a party on the beach,
A little bit salty, a little bit sweet,
Watching that sunset showing out from a front row seat.
Good times, good vibes, good people,
Sittin’ ’round a fire, gettin’ higher than a seagull.
Every flip floppin’ day of the week,
Yeah, it’s a party on the beach.”

– Brian Kelley

Cheers to Spring break – whether you’re packing your bags, sipping on something strong, falling in love, or wishing you were there again. To stay in the know of new music and what I’ve been listening to, keep checking back at and follow me on Instagram @farmgirlwithcurls.

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