Three Spicy & Steamy Country Duets I’ve Been Loving

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Country duets are having a moment and I am here for it. From romance to heartbreak and all the rage in between, the blend of vocals bring the relationship to life. She tells her side and he tells his – whether they are fighting, breaking up or fanticizing about being in love – these three duets have been on repeat. Read on for three spicy and steamy country duets you’ll want to press play to over and over…

“That’s Why We Fight” Ella Langley & Koe Wetzel

Ella and Koe bring the heat in “That’s Why We Fight”. Straight away Ella tells how it is in the first lyric, “You know it pisses me off, when its 3 a.m. and you come home drunk from the bar.” Ella and Koe sing back and forth about why they fight, why it doesn’t work between them, yet fighting is the one thing they do right. Their passionate vocals to the hard guitar chords make this toxic love story song an irressitable head banger. This is the first single release from Ella’s anticipated debut EP Excuse The Mess to release on May 19.

“That’s why we fight, put lightening in the sky.
Start smashing every bottle we keep bottled up inside.
I take it out on you, take it out on me too.
Yeah, we know some hell takes us to heven every time.
That’s why we fight.”

– Ella Langley & Koe Wetzel

“Goodbye Looks Good On You”Alana Springsteen & Mitchell Tenpenny

While Ella and Koe are fighting it out, Alana and Mitchell want to end things on good terms. Alana knows the rules of a breakup – delete his number and ruin his name, but does it have to be that way when both of them agree they should just part ways? Alana and Mitchell bring a captivating harmonic vocal blend to a tempo that will have you singing along from the start. “Goodbye looks good on you, and it looks good on me too,” they both sing. This single is from Alana’s part one of three from her debut album Twenty Something: Messing It Up.

“But what if we don’t have to choose?
What if no one has to lose?
I hope you meet somebody who,
loves you like I couldn’t do.
‘Cause baby, you and me were never right.
But we ain’t gotta be on different sides.
So what if we just told the truth?
Yeah goodbye looks good on you,
and it looks good on me too.”

– Alana Springsteen & MitchelL Tenpenny

“If I was Your Lover”Kip Moore & Morgan Wade

After you call a releationship quits like Alana and Mitchell did, you may find yourself fanticizing about someone new. Kip sings of all the things he would do if he was her lover in this steamy duet with Morgan Wade. “You know I would love you, need you, you know I would keep you,” Kip sings in his raspy yet calming vocals. Morgan compliments Kip with a shared rough around the edges demeanor. The alternative country romance is brought to life in Kip’s solo music video for the song, but when he released this duet version Morgan’s vocals completed the song. I’m excited for more love songs from Kip off his next album, Damn Love, to release April 28.

“If I was your lover in this life or another,
yeah we’d be all that we need.
I would call you baby and who knows,
maybe we’d go from nothin’ to somethin’.
You know I would love you…
Need you, you know I would keep you.”

– Kip Moore & Morgan Wade

I hope you enjoy these three spicy and steamy duets as much as I do. What country duets are your fav? Let me know and follow me on Instagram @farmgirlwithcurls to stay in the know of new music I’m loving to jam out to on the farm. I’ll leave you with the steamy music video Kip first released, leaving fans wanting the duet with Morgan…

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