Yee Yee Day 2023 Was A Country Girl’s Dream

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

I attended my first Yee Yee Day and it was a country girl’s dream. With mudtires circling a dirt field and no cares in the world – country kids lived it up! When I first arrived, we all were excited to meet one another and get the fun started. While the massive Yee Yee flag grabbed much of our attention in the field, there was everything from side-by-sides to 4-wheelers to SUVs with the doors off. As the night went on, mud was everywhere! Here is my recap:

There was good eats and drinks with foodtrucks, snow cones, energy drinks and local brews. While some people spontaneously got tattooed, others got covered in mud head to toe. While some people laughed at all crazy stunts, others hugged by the bonfire. It was a full night of being in the moment. I loved catching up with everyone I had met from being in Granger Smith’s truck contest and going on tour with Granger a year ago. Read more about these experiences here:

I Had My Hand On Granger Smith’s Truck For 24 Hours…

I Finally Experienced Yee Yee At It’s Best…

Yee Yee is all about living life to the fullest and I strive to do that everyday. While somedays aren’t great and just plain hard – moments like this make up for it. Country folks work hard so we can play hard. At Yee Yee Day we definitely played hard and made lasting memories. I can’t thank Granger, his team and everyone at Yee Yee Apparel enough for having me to the farm. Faith, Family and the Outdoors are part of who I am and I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone at Yee Yee who shares those same values.

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