Farm Girl With Curls in Chicago

By Lauren Schwab

Growing up in Southwest Ohio, on the edge of rural small town America, I knew nothing different. I thought living on a one lane road, surrounded by trees, pasture and livestock everyday was the way, it was the only way I knew. Traveling to Chicago, Illinois to celebrate my 26th birthday city style opened by eyes to a new way. Lights, trains, ferris wheel, shopping, a Starbucks on every corner and endless sea of faces entered this farm girl into another world. I realized I was not born a farmer on accident and have a story to tell. Jason Aldean says how I felt best in his song The Only Way I Know,

SchwabFarmPhoto“Well, I grew up in one of them old farm towns
Where they hit it hard ’til the sun goes down
Nobody really seemed to care
That we were living in the middle of nowhere
We just figured that’s how it was
And everybody else was just like us
Soaking in the rain baking in the sun
Don’t quit ’til the job gets done”

Once I entered the city, I felt like I was entering the unknown. I am sure people from the city feel the same way when they drive outside the city limits into rural america. Vast farmland can feel endless, but for an Ohio farm girl, the city is infinity and beyond. There are at least 45 neighborhoods just surrounding downtown Chicago. House after house, business after business. There is diversity and everything at your finger tips, except a parking space! Talking, honking and sirens drown the sound of crickets chirping you could hear on a quite country night. Lights illuminate the streets unlike the deep darkness on a back country road.

IMG_2912 IMG_2914 IMG_2913 IMG_2838IMG_2824IMG_2823

IMG_2845 IMG_2846IMG_2836IMG_2835IMG_2910

IMG_2892 IMG_2887 IMG_2885 IMG_2882IMG_2827IMG_2826IMG_2825

IMG_2821IMG_2819IMG_2818IMG_2813 IMG_2815IMG_2811 IMG_2809IMG_2808 IMG_2806IMG_2805

IMG_2871 IMG_2866 IMG_2865 IMG_2863 IMG_2860 IMG_2834

IMG_2873 IMG_2872  IMG_2851

IMG_2879IMG_2877 IMG_2876 IMG_2875IMG_2859 IMG_2848

From the John Hancock view of the city, high end shopping on Michigan Ave., Millenium Park, extravagant eating, illunimus ferris wheel at Navy Peir and the wonder of Oz Park, I felt ready to take on the world. Besides these famous attractions the best moments were spent telling new Chicago friends about my farm life. I told tales of the hundreds of mothers pigs and piglets I care for each day in warm barns. I told the hi-tech way of baby making or should I say bacon makin we use with artificial insemination and my year reigning  as the Queen of Pork.

I attended a church with thousands of people gathering to worship The Lord and it was then I realized it didn’t matter. Small farm to big city, God created us all in His image and placed us on this Earth in a certain time and location for a reason. Though we live different lives and look different, we are all the same to Him. We are loved and He will provide us with the food to nourish our bodies, the clothes and shelter to protect us and His Word to guide each other to Him.

Oh Chicago, what a grand place to celebrate the beginning of my 26th year of life. Oh sweet farm, how you welcome me home with open arms and oinks of love ❤

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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