Josh Gallagher’s “Boots Like Mine” Pays Tribute to the Hard Workers of America

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

IMG-0694I can’t begin to count the number of boots I’ve gone through the last two decades of working on my family farm. Some held up better than others.

IMG-0692When I was young I wore shorts and rubber boots all summer long resulting in a nice tan line around mid-calf haha. Since then I learned to stick with jeans and lace up boots. It’s hard to believe I walk 8 to 12 miles a day just around the barn yard. There are so many pigs that need my care and my boots get me there. The pigs also love to chew on my boots and untie my laces for fun! Oh if our boots could talk, through every step in pig poop, dirt and gravel is a step towards taking care of animals to feed the world.

It puts me in a state of awe to think about all the hard working people wearing boots everyday that make up our country. All taking steps to serve and protect. Josh Gallagher’s new single “Boots Like Mine” reminds us of all our boots do for our lives, family and country.

69928885_2458856254197946_307063081895198720_o“Ain’t the kind my daddy still wears down on the line, his old steel town steel toe workin pair built for overtime and extra miles blue collar style,” sings Josh. This reminds me of how hard my dad works, way harder than me. His dream is to farm and no matter how hard it gets, he will be wearing his work boots until the day he dies. It can be hard for even me to understand sometimes.

IMG_1898There are some days I just feel like sitting down and breaking down, but I keep walking and working because the animals depend on me. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it, but I know God sees what I do and what all hard working Americans do. “Boot Likes Mine” is a country song farmers long for. Our boots make our dreams come true and allow us to continue our labor of love.

Even when there comes a day I don’t farm, I will never forget my boots. Each time I throw a worn out pair of boots in the dumpster I throw away a time of my life. With each new pair I put on I wonder how long they will last and if it will be the last pair I wear on the farm. So I’ve come to appreciate each pair, each time I lace them up and each step I take.



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