Warren Garrett’s Heart Stopping New Single “First Time” Takes You Back

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

72397964_2448613092090710_2421719981319258112_oFrom the moment you press play it takes you there. Back to where you were when your first love was over. In his new single “First TimeWarren Garrett tells the raw hard truth of his first heartbreak, then feeling it again. Growing older doesn’t make it easier and each time can remind you of the first time your heart broke.

“It’s the most honest thing I’ve written. I wrote it by myself when I was going through a rough patch in a relationship. I was feeling a little busted up and started thinking about the first break up I went through and it wasn’t any easier,” shares Warren, “Every time you let somebody go it’s the same feeling, it’s hard every time. The story in the song is of my first real breakup.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 7.24.58 PMIn writing this song, Warren put pen to paper. “In Nashville the common thing is to write on your phone or laptop, it started to make me feel disconnected from what I was writing,” explains Warren, “I sat down with a legal pad and couple beers in that headspace of emotion so it didn’t take long to write.”

To actually write the words out helped Warren to be honest and real, not thinking about releasing it as a single in the moment. With his new producer, Sean Giovanni, and talented award-winning musicians, they brought the song to life in a way Warren feels is true to him. “If I put music out I want to believe every word coming out of my mouth and mean it. Whether it’s a party song or one I really connect to like this, it’s something I mean and is who I am as an artist. Sean helped me do that,” says Warren.


From his debut single “Girls Get Wings”, Warren has changed direction to release music that reflects him as an artist and connects with fans. “When I put out the song (‘First Time’) on YouTube I had so many people say they connected with it. To know people connected with something I had written, is the reason I put the song out,” says Warren.

67584817_2389029351382418_8371760750263271424_nFrom playing the Losers Club in Las Vegas to playing in small towns, Warren loves seeing the level of appreciation people have when he brings music to them. Living in Nashville gives him great opportunity to be surrounded by talent and show opportunities, but his heart is in being able to travel and bring music to different places. “I’m just this kid from a small town in South Carolina, getting to go across the country and to other countries has been insane. I love to get in front of new crowds and face new challenges. To figure out what each crowd likes, meet those people and see their reactions,” says Warren.

37339643_2135269890091700_8774166857679634432_oIf this is the first time you hear Warren’s music, it won’t be the last. He plans to release another acoustic video of a new song soon. Follow Warren on social media and visit his website to be the first to know when he releases music and attend one of his shows, he would love to connect with you! warrengarrettmusic.com                           Instagram @warrengarrettmusic        Facebook @warrengarrettmusic        YouTube



Photo Credit: Warren Garrett social media

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