Learning How To Eat Healthy on YouTube

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

IMG_3800I have always loved following people on YouTube. It is a fun way to see how different people live across the country and world. Having grown up on my family’s pig farm in Ohio, I was in my own little world in our barnyard my whole childhood. To this day, I still work there. Having grown up and had the opportunity to travel many places, I see just how differently people live, work and eat.

080In 2008, I was 19 years old and became the Ohio Pork Industry Queen. I worked closely with the Ohio Pork Council and National Pork Board to promote pork as a healthy lean protein source and credit it to the technology and ethical way pigs are raised today. After college I became very health conscious and did what any millennial would do to get information on how to eat healthy and get fit. I went to YouTube University.

IMG_3040I began following the Tone It Up Girls first and learned how to eat whole foods. I felt so much better, then I starting eating a heavy fruit diet and loved it for so long. Eventually I learned how to balance my diet and always thank the farm for my free gym membership. Walking up to 12 miles a day around the barnyard made me realize I can indulge when I want to. Now that I am married to a man that loves his meats, we enjoy pork for dinner regularly. I have always known how healthy it is and the proper way to cook it.


IMG_3917I was so excited when I watched Monica Church’s video above, “What I Eat In A Week To ALWAYS Stay Healthy”, to see she had partnered with the National Pork Board. I am proud of her for adding more pork into her diet and showing her nearly 1.3 million followers how to enjoy it too. While many nutritionists will back up how healthy pork is, so many people will listen to friends and social influencers first. I’m so glad Monica is using her platform to promote pork. I promise you Monica, there are girls out there like me who love their pigs and raise them right. It means the world to us when other people support our family business and enjoy the pork we worked so hard to raise to feed people around the world!


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