What Would A Farm Be Like Without Love? The New Single “Wishing For A Women” From Mark Addison Chandler Tells All

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By Lauren Schwab Eyre

There has never been a day I don’t pull in my parent’s driveway to find their farmhouse gone. I’ve never walked out to the barn to find it empty. The pigs are always there, every morning starts with the sun and every night ends with the moon, but would all that change without love?

66616063_2897788936960230_1694204013739769856_nIn his new single “Wishing For A Woman”, Mark Addison Chandler sings about the country images a love could be. He describes a love so good he could never go back to being without it. “Girl if anything ever happened to you I know I could never go back to…

A Farm with no house, A barn with no cows, A harvest without the feast. A night with no moon, A rhyme with no tune, A family without a tree. A Tennessee top shelf poured without the proof.”

83477300_3501954799876971_8902046283397595136_nThe idea came to Mark while at his dad’s farm, “My dad grows vegetables for his own family and was building a barn for his horses. When I was there I thought of the idea, what’s the point of a barn if there’s no animals?”

89782589_3626306377441812_7333202632632172544_nA song he says was true to him, “At the time of writing, it was very authentic to where I was in my life,” Mark sings, “The Gospel truth is God knows me, and with no you I’d just be…

“A man with no mission, A plan with no vision, The best of me missin’, Just a wishin’ for a woman like you.”

Written with Adam Warner and Keith Burns, a country love isn’t complete without chicken and kissin’! Mark closes the song singing, “I’m talkin’ Sunday no chicken, a porch with no kissin’, the best of me missin’ just a wishin’ for a woman like you.”

Enjoy every country moment while listening to “Wishing For A Woman”, produced by Chris Rafetto, on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube now and listen to his other singles!


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Photo Credit to Mike Guinard and Mark Addison Chandler Social Media

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