Pour Yourself A Longneck & Catch A Buzz On All Life Is With Josh Gallagher in New “Turn Around Town” EP

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

91124843_2905458929537674_6196564289642299392_oTurn Around Town is the sound that gets you, the country you. Five songs for every mood that all work together when you need to unwind, leave town or reflect on what matters most. So get ready to pour yourself a longneck and catch a buzz on all life is with Josh Gallagher.  

The moment the guitar starts playing a nostalgic twang in “Long Week Longneck” it makes me want to hit the dance floor. It’s the good feeling you get at the end of a hard workweek. When you are ready to go out on the town and cut loose. “Bout to better my condition, 12 ounces at a time…” sings Josh, “I need a short fuse, long week longneck song.”

71293565_2498276610255910_1747673380162633728_nIt’s that good ol’ country sound with a turned up rock beat you can play at any honky tonk or barn party when you are ready for a good time. “It’s one of those, I get off work on a Friday and nobody talk to me until I have my first beer kind of thing… having fun and letting loose,” shares Josh.

Written by Josh with Mark Addison Chandler and John Caldwell, the single takes Josh back to his roots. “When we wrote it we had that 90’s, early 2000’s country feel in mind and that takes me back to my roots in country music. We put our own flair and JG thing to it…I love it. It’s the first song on the record and it hooks you in…sets the tone for the whole entire record,” he says.

83783608_2746056292144606_1148395979171430400_nThe “take you back” feel continues in the record titled single “Turn Around Town”. This one is for every small town kid who dreams of leaving town in search of more, but always finds a reason to stay. It’s the driving song you need to play when you want to clear your mind. Josh’s vocals pair perfectly with the guitar’s sweet strums.

“I love and hate this place. Some things never change. The dinner belt, Bible and the belt and the sweet sound – of the engine pistons gunning; the distant highway humming like it did when we said we’d make it out of this old turn around town,” sings Josh.

72282462_2514695508614020_2996222142636359680_nThings slow down in “Catch A Buzz”. A simple guitar melody is all Josh needs to tell a story of a time when he goes out to fish and reflects about the man he has become. From love lost to the passing of friends in war, pouring a drink in the same fishing spot gives him comfort. The steel guitar in this tune will give you peace and let you reflect on what matters most in life.

The good country sound you can expect from Josh continues in “That Tall”. A song you can grab a drink and sway to, Josh sings the hard truth. When a woman has been hurt and won’t let her heart be broken again, “They don’t make long shots that long. They don’t make strong arms that strong. To make her heart fall when it’s locked up and walled off, they don’t make tall boys that tall,” Josh sings.

Josh & wife Lindsey

“Never Could” closes the record as a song most men can relate to when a woman loves them. “Never could change just for myself…” he sings, “Never could see me letting you close, baby my heart was Jericho till you broke the walls down, moved in and found the good that I never could.” The tough yet romantic song is for anyone becoming a better person when someone else sees all the good behind their rough edges.

89089307_2867776643305903_3585661723467579392_nJosh delivers his true self in every song. “I’m starting to reveal an entirely new chapter of my music. This is the first time I feel like I’ve really been able to be completely transparent with who I am,” he shares, “Every song sounds different, but they all belong together. Turn Around Town is 100% me, and I can’t wait to share that with all of you.“

71383176_2498276676922570_5049567065355059200_nListen and download Turn Around Town now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Musicand YouTube. Visit jgmusic.net and follow Josh on social media to stay connected and see his live videos! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Read my full interview with Josh and learn about his self-titled EP here:



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