If You’re “Still Lookin'” For The Words To Say, The New Single From Mark Addison Chandler Is The Tell-AlL You Need To Play

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Each lyric takes you back to a time when you were speechless in love. When your breath was taken knowing you can’t go back to the person you were before you met them. “Still Lookin'” shares what the heart can’t find the words to say. Mark Addison Chandler brings this feeling alive through any season in life you may be in.

The tell-all song will make you reminisce and still remind you how love is a life-long journey. “I’m still lookin’ at you like the night we met, guess I’m never going to get used to it. Trying to get back my breath again, you took it,” Mark sings, “I’m still lookin’ forward ready for more. I could never go back to the me before. You flash that smile that took my life and shook it. Send me on a lifetime search trying to find the perfect words. I’m still lookin’.”

“If I could rewrite my vows, I’d do a little better now that I’m more of a grown up. Hell, probably still fall short of perfection on a single page that captures all your angel ways. They’re nothing new to me, but that’s what you do to me.”

– Mark Addison Chandler

We don’t always get the first time right. Sometimes it’s hard to say what’s on our mind. Mark’s storytelling and passionate vocals share everything the heart wants to. No matter your age or relationship status, “Still lookin'” is something we all feel at a time in life. His thought out lyrics and classic sound capture raw emotions and truth. Mark’s musical style is timeless, this single is one of many he plans to release this year.

You can find him and many talented artists sharing their music every Thursday night at Grindhouse Nashville, showcasing the best songwriter’s in Music City. Follow Mark and Grindhouse Nashville on social media. Stream and Download “Still Lookin'” now on Spotify, Apply Music, Amazon Music and more! To learn the story behind the artist read my full interview with Mark here: FROM MILITARY TO MUSIC CITY, MARK ADDISON CHANDLER BELIEVES IN SECOND CHANCES AT LOVE

Instagram – @markaddisonmusic, @grindhousenash, Facebook – @markaddisonchandlermusic, @grindhousenash, YouTube – Mark, Grindhouse

Photo Credit to Mark Addison Chandler social media

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