“How Do You Find The Words To Break A Heart?” Molly Lovette’s New Single Shares The Hard Reality For Both Hearts In Telling Them It’s Over

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Through her soft caring vocals, Molly Lovette sings as if she is talking to you in the hardest of times. Breaking up is never easy, finding the words to say is harder. When you need a simple melody to play through the struggle of ending a relationship, “Break A Heart” is the song for you to confide in.

In what she calls “A song from the heart”, Molly wrote the single two years ago when she found herself in a relationship that wasn’t working out. “No one did anything wrong, but I just knew in my heart it was time to end it. I wrote down the phrase, ‘How do you find the words to break a heart?’ and immediately picked up my guitar and wrote the song right then and there,” says Molly.

By picking up her guitar, she wrote down all the words we tend to say when we want break up with someone. Molly reveals in the end of the chorus how hard it is to find the words when you know you are breaking someone’s heart.

“It’s hard for you, it’s even harder for me. When I look at myself and all we used to be. Can’t hold on when I know we’re falling apart. Hope you’ll understand and I hope you’ll see. No you don’t want to hear, ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ It’s time to stop, there’s no good place to start. How do you find the words to break a heart?”

– Molly Lovette

The simple strum of a guitar accompanied by piano strokes and the heartache in Molly’s voice sets the tone for what is to come. The lyrics relate to the hard reality that sets in when you need to tell someone it’s over. “It’s about being on the other side of a breakup, being the one having to break up with someone else, and how that can be just as hard,” tells Molly.

Her love for country music with relatable lyrics will capture what many of us go through at some time. Following the success of her previous sassy and female empowerment releases, Molly is showing a more vulnerable side with tender and emotionally-rich vocals in “Break A Heart”. Listen and Download the heart-baring single now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other platforms!

To hear all Molly’s releases and learn more about her upbringing in country music, visit mollylovette.com. Follow her on Instagram @mollylovette, Facebook and YouTube.

Photo Credit to Molly Lovette Instagram

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