With Her Texas Country Roots & Mexican Heritage, Señorita Madelyn Victoria’s New Single “Good At GoodBye” Is First Release Off Her Long-Awaited Debut Album

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

When a song opens with the perfect amount of twang, upbeat honky tonk tempo and Texas flair, I’m hooked. Add in some good steel guitar and a country heartache story, you have the new single “Good At Goodbye” by Madelyn Victoria. The release has been a long time coming for Madelyn, writing the song many years ago. I talked with her about finally sharing her songs from the vault, pressing pause on music to get a degree and seeing the career she envisions come to be.

Madelyn’s previous singles, “He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor” and “Right Here With You” were also songs she wrote long before recording. Her music stays true to her Texas country roots, but with releasing new music this year Madelyn will bring the sounds of her Mexican heritage alive. “I’ve stayed true to what I’ve wanted to sound like, an authentic true traditional country sound. I’ve gotten more into my roots in Texas and heritage, generations back into Mexico. I’m fourth generation Mexican-American,” shares Madelyn.

The long awaited release of “Good At Goodbye” is just a taste of what is to come in Madelyn’s upcoming album Señorita. “I’ve touched the sounds of the region and the culture. The sounds will be a country foundation with roots of Spanish and Tex-Mex notes. Coming together on a sound of what I enjoy and grew up on. I’m excited to infuse that into my album,” says Madelyn.

Finally hearing the recorded version of songs she’s held onto for so long leaves her feeling accomplished and looking forward to what is ahead. “Going back to the vault of these songs, recording them, then hearing them back from the moment my pen reached the paper … into the sound that came together with my ideas, all the musicians and producers, tells Madelyn, “It’s awesome to see how a song can mold into something with all of our ideas and everyone’s different backgrounds coming together, all the work we put into one single thing. It’s an accomplished feeling and relief of all that time, now it’s out there.”

“You were good at goodbye, sayin’ goodnight to all that we had. You’re good at this game, wouldn’t say my name and now I know why. Oh why, oh why… you’re so good at goodbye.”

-Madelyn Victoria

Reflecting back to even before the pandemic happened, Madelyn felt a need to take a pause. “Even before the pandemic something stopped momentum, something happened where I wasn’t getting as many shows, I wasn’t writing as many songs. What it did for me positively is it had me pause, think on all I’ve done and what I should do,” she says.

With this pause brought opportunity for Madelyn to learn and grow in her music skills. “So what I did was I went to school. I took online classes to get my Bachelor’s degree in music business. With that under my belt as well now and learning about the business more, my goal is to hire a team,” she shares, “Taking that pause in my career to get the education and plan what I need to do. When shows stopped I tried to turn it around and be as positive as I can and use that time to focus on what I need to do.”

“Sometimes a heart does need to break for a better endeavor to take place.”

-Madelyn Victoria

She encourages anyone having a difficult time in their career to take time to see where they want their music to go. “I know a lot of us are struggling right now with patience and wanting this pandemic to be over. So to whoever I will say, there is no set timeline, everyone has their own story. Everyday is a new day, you have to get out there and figure out what you need to do today,” Madelyn says, “If you’ve already started in this career, pause and step back to see what you need to do. Think, meditate, and pray. If you’re just getting started, start somewhere with practicing guitar, writing lyrics down, talking to venues, maybe there is an open mic you can do. Write down your plan everyday and stay positive.”

With no stoping in sight now of releasing her first album, Madelyn takes time to envision the music career she wants. “The cool thing about our brain is when you envision, it starts to happen. Ideas from the universe, these waves of momentum are waiting for you. I’m a walking testimony of that where I say, I want that person to record with me or I’m going to perform there one day. I envision it and write it down.”

As we anxiously await the release of Señorita, Madelyn promises there will be even more to come. “I’m excited to keep releasing more music; the hard work never stops whatever level we are at in this industry. It’s a beautiful thing to continue to grow,” she says. Listen and Download “Good At Goodbye” now on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Visit madelyn-victoria.com and follow Madelyn Victoria on Instagram @madvicval, Facebook, and YouTube for the latest on her new music.


Photo Credit to Madelyn Victoria Instagram

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