My Current Playlist Has An Artist You Wouldn’t Guess

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

“Wish You Were The Whiskey” by Priscilla Block

I’ve been falling in love with Priscilla’s voice and the way she brings her real self into every line she sings. Since the success of her singles “Just About Over You” and “I Bet You Wanna Know“, I’ve been playing her music over and over in the car, while doing the dishes and anxiously awaiting her next single. When I heard the chorus of “Wish You Were The Whiskey” I was hooked.

“Well now I’m all alone and your memory is hanging over. I should have known better than to think I could trade one for the other… Finally feeling fine and then it hits me. I wish you were the whiskey.”

-Priscilla Block

The passion in her vocals and honest lyrics are ones everyone can relate to. Wanting to find comfort in the whiskey, wishing it was the person you miss, each line will draw you in. When you listen to Priscilla, you feel like she understands you. Her southern vocals and traditional sounds mixed with soft rock chords give an edge to the track. If you like this single get excited, her EP is expected to drop at the end of April!

“High On Her” by Eric Burgett

Eric perfectly combines country and love in every song. His talented piano playing on the farm is sure to captivate and his new single “High On Her” is no exception. The melody is relaxing enough to make you sway, yet uplifting enough to have you singing along while thinking about the person you long for.

“I know that bein’ high on her, ain’t nothin’ but a summer fling. If only I could just say no, I wouldn’t have to feel a thing. But it’s hard to put her down; every time I try just another taste keeps her on my mind. It’s a perfect world ‘till it turns and I’m high on her.”

-Eric Burgett

You’ll imagine laying in bed with them, slow dancing and never wanting to let them go. The electric guitar takes the song up a notch, then it quickly comes back down to that romantic piano melody. You will have this on repeat! Be sure to follow Eric because he is always releasing new music and videos playing his piano on the farm.

“Flames” by Mod Sun & Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a punk rock princess who I’ve been listening to since 2003. Her amazing voice, rock n’ roll attitude and fire for life is contagious. I was so glad I finally got to see her in concert fall 2019 in Detroit, I was reliving my punk rock days as a teenage girl. While country is my life, I also love to rock out.

“I still burn for you, like the sun burns in the sky, I still burn for you. I still burn for you, my whole life I’ve been on fire, I still burn for you. Up in flames, up in flames, light a match and put it to my name, up in flames, I still burn for you.”

-Mod Sun & Avril Lavgine

Her passionate vocals mixed with a don’t care persona is everything! Her recent single “Flames” with Mod Sun is a perfect combo of her nostalgic style mixed with his modern edge. When you want to sing about having a burning love for someone over the years, this is the song to express that fire the two of you share.

Tickets To My Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly

Yes, this whole album has been on repeat and yes, you read that right – Machine Gun Kelly! I never listened to his music previous to discovering this album because just his name alone made me assume it was all dark and angry. I crave a good punk rock emo love song to take me back to my high school days, so when I accidentally discovered the “Forget Me Too” music video on YouTube I couldn’t believe my ears! My punk rock emo music is back nearly 20 years later and I am dying with how good Tickets To My Downfall is.

I’m overstimulated and I’m sad. I don’t expect you to understand. It’s nothing less than true romance or am I just makin’ a mess? In my head, in my head. I’m lyin’ naked with you, yeah In my head, in my head. I’m ready to die holding your hand.


-Machine Gun Kelly

It may not be your cup of tea, but I have a whole new respect for his talent and ability to create music in this style. I can’t stop listening, I can’t stop dancing and I can’t get these songs out of my head! The whole album is great, but my favorite tracks are “Bloody Valentine“, “Forget Me Too“, “All I Know“, “Concert For Aliens“, “My Ex’s Best Friend“, “Jawbreaker” and his Paramore cover of “Misery Business” on the deluxe album. Here is a performance of him mixing several tracks together, but definitely check out all the YouTube videos for this album!

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