Before I Fall in Love, “How Do You Break A Heart?” Forrest Finn Asks All In His New Open-Hearted Single

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Opening yourself up to someone new after heartbreak can make you enter the relationship with caution. Going all in when you have a chance at love can be a scary thing. If you could ask them how they go about breaking a heart, would you? Would it change falling in love if you knew how they may break your heart in the end? Forrest Finn asks all these questions in his new single “How Do You Break A Heart“.

The simple guitar melody opens the song as Forrest shares his questions to a new girl through the lyrics. He starts out by saying he doesn’t need to know everything about her, but before he falls in love he wants to know how she breaks a heart. All the questions we want to ask to protect our heart are sang through Forrest’s vulnerable vocals.

Produced by Forrest himself, the music slowly builds from a soft guitar accompanied by a sincerity in his voice, to a piano melody with passion in his high notes asking all the questions he longs to know. “Do you make it easy when you go? Do you hit him where it hurts when you hit the road? Do you keep your ex in your phone? When you get drunk and lonely do you give him a call?” sings Forrest.

Does the same get old or baby does change turn you on? I want to turn you on and keep it on, but before we start tell me how do you break a heart?” Before I fall in love with you, how do you break a heart?”

-Forrest Finn

“How Do You Break A Heart” resonated with him so much he knew it was one to record. “You want to ask the person, if you do break up with me how do you do it? Are you going to take it easy on me? Are you going to break my heart? I’m a big love guy and all about hopping into that next chapter. I thought it was a powerful statement and sound. I’ve never done a song I haven’t written, but when I heard it, it spoke to me,” shares Forrest.

He looks forward to joining his MV2 label mates on the road this summer, after seeing his acoustic performance at Grindhouse Nash, I can say he will be capturing fans through his open heart lyrics and intimate vocals. Stream and download “How Do You Break A Heart” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube.

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Photo Credit to @forrestfinnmusic

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