Rising Duo, Whelan Stone, Brings New Country Heat This Summer

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Summer 2021 never sounded so good with Whelan Stone’s single “Whiskey In A Wine Glass” cranked up on the stereo. For a country drive, tailgate or eyeing that country girl, this song brings the heat. I talked with the rising duo after their performance at Grindhouse Nashville to learn about their debut single and summer tour sponsored by Davidson Reserve that just kicked off…

When Joe Whelan and Andrew Stone came together in Nashville, their combined talent and energy caught the attention of New Lost City Records. Music Row shared the news of their signing in May, “The energy that Whelan Stone’s music brings makes you want to drink a beer and sing along!” says Mike Whelan, Creative Director of MV2, home label of New Lost City Records. “We can’t wait to be a part of their 25-city southeast tour this summer. It’s going to be an incredible journey.”

Growing up with similar musical influence, Joe and Andrew both have an appreciation for other music genres including the classic rock they bring to country lyrics in their songwriting. Their opportunities to work with artists like Tucker Beathard in respect for the musical styles of Eric Church and Jason Aldean who bring in rock elements to their country music, Whelan Stone is carving out their own sound evident in their performance and harmony that captivated the crowd.

Joe wrote “Whiskey In A Wine Glass” with Tucker Beathard awhile back, but when the opportunity came for him and Andrew to be a duo they were excited to finally put it out as their debut single. As they begin to play live together, songwriter nights are great practice for the upcoming tour, “It’s great to play songs and see how they resonate with crowds,” said Joe.

“She’s a little white trash, little bit of high class, splash of jack you better watch you back. She’s a sundress, hot mess livin’ on the edge ridin’ both sides of the tracks. She’s whiskey whiskey whiskey in a wine glass.”

– Whelan Stone

With another new single “Devil” just released and hitting the road, Whelan Stone is bringing a fresh sound to fans this year. To keep up with their new releases and tour dates follow them on Instagram @whelanstonemusic. Stream and download “Whiskey In A Wine Glass” and new release “Devil” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, You Tube and other platforms.

Photo Credit to Whelan Stone social media

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