Ten New Summer Sounds + Yee Yee Radio = Fire

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Yee Yee Radio is here!

My favorite music artist, Granger Smith, just released Yee Yee Radio! This is perfect for anytime I get in the car and don’t know what to listen to. This is my go to app not only for Granger tunes, but classic country, Texas country, classic rock and more. I love to discover new music and have already heard so many new songs I love. Granger and Earl talk in between songs to let you know what Yee Yee Radio is all about. They announce upcoming tour dates and live music sets exclusive to listeners. To hear the back-story on how Yee Yee Radio came to be, listen to this podcast where Granger, his brother Tyler and Antman who runs the radio station, all sit down and tell the story.

The station aims to include a mix of music dedicated to the hard-working country boys and girls who value God, country, family, the outdoors and living life to the fullest, along with Granger’s full song catalog. “Over the last several years we’ve seen the Yee Yee brand grow and grow,” says Granger, “We’ve seen a community of Yee Yee Nation united by faith, family, and the outdoors celebrate everything for which it stands. For every commute to work, bonfire, tailgate, pre-party, camping trip, hunting lodge, fishing cabin, long day in the cab of a tractor or pickup truck, Yee Yee Radio is now the sound of that community.”

While Yee Yee Radio has you covered for the perfect tunes from driving down a dirt road to tailgating with you’re fellow Yee Yee Nation friends, here are some great new summer songs for the beach, bonfire and summer time love.

New summer sounds you must listen to by the water:

“Jimmy Buffett” by Taylor Goyette – For some country chillin’ beach vibes, listen to “Jimmy Buffet”. Taylor’s unique voice and the sounds of partying with his buddies will have you playing this song at your next summer party. “Don’t take much to catch a buzz on a budget yeah, get some punch and mix it up in a bucket, pour it over ice, grab a straw and suck it yeah, waste the day high like Jimmy Buffet does it,” sings Taylor.

“Party Cove” by Eric Burgett – For those long lake days, play “Party Cove” to get everyone having a good time. Eric’s relaxed vocals and fun sound will bring the song your day on the boat needs. “Party cove it up, crack a beer, fill ya cup, bob around on a noodle, with the bluegills down below. We’re all a bunch of rednecks, sunnin’ on sun decks, nobody makin’ waves in a no-wake zone. Coolers over flowin’, bikinis got every boy goin’ crazy. Yeah, we all crazy, so come and tie you’re boat on, go and get your float on, party cove it up,” sings Eric.

Up Right” by Josh Gallagher – When the sun finally sets on those long summer days, “Up Right” is the jam you need to play. For all your good ol’ country times, Josh knows how your crowd rolls in this country USA anthem. “Cans in the sky, lighters in the night, embers on a Seminole wind. Jeeps jacked high on dirty 39s, speakers screaming louder than ten. We’re them back forty muddy toy, red white and blue boys, letting Old Glory fly. I was born for the muck, pouring corn in my cup, thank the Lord I’s raised up right,” sings Josh.

“Hot Beer” by Dillon Carmichael – When that summer romance didn’t work out quite like you thought, “Hot Beer” describes how every country boy feels when a girl does him wrong. Dillon knows just how you feel in every lyric singing of all the things he would rather do than get back together with her. “I’d rather drink a hot beer, build a fire in the pourin’ rain, burn all my fishing gear, then set sail in a hurricane. Or go hunting with an empty gun, and see a once in a lifetime deer, work a saturday just for fun, then come home and drink a hot beer,” sings Dillon.

“SPF U” by Hasting & Co. – When you’re by the water with your honey or admiring that good lookin’ girl laying out, “SPF U” sings of all the thoughts running through your mind. Hasting & Co. sing out the fantasy of covering her with SPF in this fun summer tune. “I wanna SPF U, rub that sunscreen all over your back. Baby I got the best view, of you laying in the sun like that. Untie that bikini top cus I don’t want to miss a spot. You know what I want to do, I want to SPF U,” they sing.

New summer romance sounds you must listen to:

His & Hers” by Royale Lynn – Anytime a western flair is brought into a love song, my heart melts. “His & Hers” is no exception, even more so with Royal Lynn’s captivating vocals and the story she sings of missing her chance with a good man when he falls in love with another women. “It’s his and her name in a heart, carved in the tree in his back yard. A frame hangin’ on the wall, used to have my picture, but now it don’t. I’m hangin’ onto memories, while she’s takin’ my place perfectly. She’s helpin’ him forget me, made movin’ on look easy, got it lookin’ like my whole world is his and hers,” sings Royal.

“Hey Hey” by Molly Lovette – All the summer time feels are in “Hey Hey”. This song takes me back to having a summer time love, so innocent and fun. No matter your age, Molly will have you swaying, daydreaming and singing along. “Sippin’ and singin’, we start reminiscin’, but like kids we’re still playin’ games. Cus people are talkin’, we start walkin’, then you wanna take me to your place, hey hey,” sings Molly.

“Obsession” by Nicole Marden – Taking it down a notch is “Obsession” for the times you just want to lay in the sun and fantasize about him. Nicole’s wide range of vocals hit the high whimsical sounds of being lost in the thoughts of someone. This song will have you daydreaming all day in the warm summer sun. “Take me back to 17, I could use an obsession yeah, that I’d normally question ooh.  No I don’t need forever, just a little escape, and by the look in your eyes, you want to be my obsession yeah,” Nicole sings.

“Looking Back” by Calamity Jane – For when you are a remembering a past summer love, “Looking Back” will remind you of savoring the time you had together, but looking back you know it couldn’t have lasted. Calamity Jane’s harmonic vocals and detailed story telling bring memories to life and will have old feelings fluttering up in your heart again. “Now looking back, I know it couldn’t last, it was three perfect months and we had a good run. I still can’t believe, what you meant to me, broke my heart and healed it all at once, in the setting sun,” they sing.

“Woman You Got” by Maddie & Tae – When you need a sassy flirty song with some good country twang for the southern wild woman inside,“Woman You Got” describes the emotional rollercoaster you are. While you may drive your man crazy because he doesn’t know how you will react next, Maddie & Tae know you are a good hearted woman who will love him with all you got always. “You say you love me, I know you love me, love that you love me, baby. I know you know me, but if I know me, I’m gonna drive you crazy. The thing about me is I’m always getting better, the truth is, boy, it might take forever. But when it comes to loving you I’m never gonna stop and that’s the kind of woman you got,” they sing.

Hope you loved my new summer song picks and be sure to download Yee Yee Radio right now, these tunes are sure to make summer 2021 fire! Follow me @farmgirlwcurls on Instagram for the latest on new country music and farm life.

Photo credit – artist Instagram pages

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