Kelsey Lamb & Taylor Goyette Capture True Emotion In Their Unique Vocal Blend Singing “They Never Loved You”

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

You can’t just get over them, you can’t just move on when you loved them the way you did. So no one can tell you it will get better because they never loved that person like you did. This raw emotion of feeling like no one can understand is delivered through the harmonic vocals of Kelsey Lamb and Taylor Goyette in their single “They Never Loved You”.

I got the chance to hear the two sing acoustic together at a Grindhouse Nashville songwriters’ night last spring and their unique vocals instantly stood out to me. While they each have solo careers, Kelsey told me the story of meeting Taylor after moving to Nashville more than four years ago.

New to Music City, Taylor was one of the first people she wrote music with. After asking him to be a guitar player for a show, they started dating and the rest is history according to Kelsey, after sharing the two are now engaged.

Kelsey’s beautiful vocals have notes of authenticity and vulnerability in each lyric of heartbreak. With inspirations of female country artists like Alison Krauss and the lyrical story telling of punk rock princess, Avril Lavigne, Kelsey combines these influential musicians’ work to create a sound that is uniquely her.

Taylor’s voice is no exception, when he sings it sounds as if your buddy is right there talking with you. When brought together, they have a sound to be reckoned with. In their single “They Never Loved You” they fully express the pain of loosing someone in each note they hit and each passionate lyric they sing.

The song will instantly take your mind back to a time when your heart broke so hard, you couldn’t get over it and no one else could ever understand how you feel. The song takes you through all the good-feeling things people say to cheer you up after a break up, but it doesn’t help because they didn’t experience the love you did.

“They can say what they want, but it don’t change a thing. They don’t know what it meant to me. Cause they never loved you like I did. They never fell for that first kiss, never heard those words you said to me or had to watch you up and leave…” Kelsey and Taylor sing.

“They never danced to the beat of your heart, they never felt time stop in your arms. They don’t loose sleep the way I do, ain’t never seen this shade of blue. Cause they never loved you, they never loved you.”

– Kelsey & Taylor

While Kelsey and Taylor celebrate their engagement, this single written with Chris Rafetto, demonstrates the great storytelling in their song writing with dynamic vocals to bring it alive. My fingers are crossed they will release more music together. For now, they continue to write music and release singles that are sure to bring their own styles to life in solo releases.

To hear more of their music that you’ll want to put on repeat along with show dates, visit Kelsey and Taylor’s Instagram pages. Listen to “They Never Loved You” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, You Tube and other platforms.



Photo Credit to Kelsey Lamb and Grindhouse Nashville Instagram

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