Leah Marie Mason’s Success Can’t Be Slowed As Her Vulnerable Voice & Relatable Lyrics Capture Hearts

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

You can’t slow down Leah Marie Mason as her music is capturing the hearts of fans across the Internet. What started as a song written to her ex, quickly became a viral Tik Tok video leading to a record deal and the opportunity to collaborate with other artists. After listening to Leah’s soft vocals as they drew me into each lyric she sang at a writers’ round in Nashville, I was excited to talk with her about the journey she has been on. From a young girl in North Carolina, to a rising female country sensation, Leah has quite the story that is only beginning. Read on to learn all about her debut single “Far Boy” that has more than one million streams, to the newly released single  “I Wish” that does not disappoint her fans longing for more.

Leah began her musical journey far from country as she found her love for performing while in a 70’s rock band covering classic rock songs throughout North Carolina. This led her to pursue a music degree in Boston, but her longing for country music led her to transfer to Belmont University in Nashville. She is now wrapping up her song writing degree and celebrating the signing of a record deal.

The opportunity to sign came from the rapid spread of her debut single “Far Boy”. The song came about when she sat down to write with Kelsey Lamb, Royale Lynn Haldenby and Kaylin Roberson one day. The honest lyrics spilled out as the song shares a girl’s feelings to her ex after a break up. Paired with soft guitar chords, the vulnerability in Leah’s voice captures the pain her heart feels in each word.

Leah decided to express her feelings in a video on Tik Tok. The video shows her playing the song for her ex boyfriend, capturing his reaction then he leaves. With more than 13 million views, it seems others can relate to her words.

“So far she looks happy, like I thought I’d still be. And as far as I know she probably doesn’t think you’ll ever leave. But I know what she don’t, she can’t slow down a rolling stone. If she’s just a stop on the way to fill some void, well it won’t get you far, boy.”

– Leah Marie Mason

“That song changed my life… I hoped it (the Tik Tok video) would get people to listen to my song, but I didn’t expect it to do what it did,” says Leah, “That song did so much for me and holds a special place in my heart.” Following the success of the song’s release, she wanted to bring in the guy’s perspective lyrically. After meeting Austin Burke in Nashville, they decided to rewrite the second verse and record the single as a duet. With the release of a beautiful and heart-felt music video, “Far Boy” continues to climb in views, touching fans as they relate to each line in a personal way.

Leah’s talent for sharing passion in her vocals doesn’t stop there. She has recorded another duet with rising cross genre artist Kidd G in a hip hop meets country love song titled “Love Isn’t Real”. Opposite of Leah, Kidd G wanted to bring the girl’s perspective to his single. After writing a second verse, they made a music video to bring it to life.  “We shot the music video in Nashville and it was so much fun, I’m sure we will do more in the future. Having the girl’s perspective on that song added a lot and it ended up getting so much love,” shares Leah.

While she has enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Austin Burke and Kidd G, Leah is very excited to release more solo work starting with her new single “I Wish”. Written with Bonnie Dymond and Kaylin Roberson, the lyrics and sound of this song bring in her musical inspirations of Taylor Swift, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves. Though, this song is very much Leah as she crafts her own signature sound that is leaving her fans eager for more. 

“I wish I was Cinderella, but the shoe just didn’t fit. I wish every wish I ever made on every wishing star came true. I wish that every morning I’d open my eyes and I’d see you. I wish that I could fix a broken heart with stitches or some glue. But above all babe, I wish I didn’t have to wish the best for you.”

– Leah Marie Mason

With all of Leah’s success that isn’t slowing down, she is still true to herself and advises others to always do the same especially when it can be easy to compare yourself. “Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. There are a million people in Nashville trying to do the same thing… The only person you can control is you. As long as I’m doing everything I need to be doing to get to where I want to go, that’s all I can do,” says Leah, “I can’t control what other people are doing, I can only stay in my lane and focus on myself and music. I’m trying to be the best version of me that I can be. You’ll never get to where you want to go if you don’t try.” You can download and stream all of these singles now and be sure to follow Leah Marie Mason on social media for the latest on her new music you won’t want to miss!

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