Falling In & Out Of Love Songs

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

As the leaves change so does our love… While I wish this was the start of a love song I will let these artists do the storytelling in four new falling in and out of love songs for your mood this season. Fall can be a time of letting go or reminiscing on what once was. A song can take you into the feeling of being finally free or wishing a love didn’t end so soon. These new sounds will surely make your heart feel something this fall…

“The Fall”

The Springs duo bring harmony to remembering how you felt when you were in love one fall. This song captures perfectly the feeling of wishing a love didn’t have to end, but still looking back fondly on the memories you shared together.

“As hot as it is I still remember that feeling. It was too cold to swim, but we dove in the deep end. We were too caught up in each other, didn’t notice the leaves lost the color. Seasons weren’t the only thing that changed and it ain’t our fault. We just weren’t meant to have it all, but I still remember that fall.”

– The Springs

“Something Good To Miss”

Juna N Joey sing of a long distance love so good they always miss one another. Their harmonic vocals bring an upbeat take and captivating melody to unexpectedly finding love and realizing the moment they are away from that person, they found “Something Good To Miss.”

“Goodbyes get in the way, they never feel ok. But oh you should know, just like my hometown you feel right to come on back to.”

– Juna N Joey

“Something Like That”

Alannah McCready’s beautiful vocals sing of finding her worth after being cheated on. The song offers a hopeful message of healing after a previous relationship while seeking a new partner that gives the love and respect one deserves.

“I’m stronger and I know myself better. It feels so good to know that I will never go back again.”

– Alannah McCready

“Finally Free”

Bailey James sings of freedom from a love gone wrong in this empowering song. The raw, truthful lyrics tell of her first real heartbreak and give a sense of moving on. Coming out on the other side of a breakup optimistic is what we all can hope for and this single truly captures it.

“I wish you would have let me go a long time ago because you broke my heart into peace baby. I’m finally free baby, I’m finally free.”

– Bailey James

Falling in and out of love is never easy, but there is a song for feeling any type of way. Remember to know your worth and alway find someone who gives you something good to miss. Stream and Download the single that fits your fall mood –

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