Rising Nashville Duo, Tupelo Honey, Never Coulda Dreamed A Sound So Sweet Until They Got Together

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Their musical connection is undeniable when their harmonic vocals join. All eyes and ears were on the powerhouse duo Tupelo Honey comprised of Jordyn Mallory and Zach Moody at a Nashville songwriters night. They came together years after moving to Nashville from Tupelo, Mississippi to pursue their solo careers. Knowing their individual talents and mutual Tupelo roots, someone recommended they get together to write songs. From there, Jordyn and Zach came to be Tupelo Honey and have been carving out their own sound to be reckoned with in Music City. Read on to hear about their two heart-stopping singles each telling of love in different ways…

Zach shared how their debut single released one year ago, “Never Coulda Dreamed You Better”, came from the idea of having a dream person in mind that is perfect for you. Then one day you meet someone who is completely different and yet they end up being better than you could have dreamed. This song will captivate everyone in the crowd and have them singing along right away with its upbeat melody and uplifting sing along style chorus.

“I never coulda dreamed you better, even if I slept my whole life through. I never coulda dreamed we’d ever get together and make a dream come true. Yeah I closed my eyes wondering what you felt like; thought dreaming is all I’d ever do. No I never coulda dreamed you better, dreamed you better, dreamed you better than you.”

-Tupelo Honey

Earlier this year they released their second single, “Tear Drops In The Rain”, a love song with a serious take on what would be a cheesy moment in a romantic movie of a couple crying in the rain after a fight. “It wouldn’t happen in real life, but we call it our movie love song,” says Jordyn. The song takes on a romantic melody as it tells the story of a couple fighting and then realizing how much they still need the other; enough to go after them in a storm and feeling foolish as they try to wipe away their tears in the pouring rain when they realize it may be too late.

“So I ran through a storm, started knocking on your door.  Didn’t know if you were home or if you loved me anymore. Then I waited for a while; still you never came and I stood there like a fool drying tear drops in the rain.”

– Tupelo Honey

These two love songs draw the listener in as Jordyn and Zach’s voices create the perfect sound to imagine each lyric to. Their talent for story telling and entertaining is evident when they take the stage. The duo has looked forward to performing live for some time and enjoys seeing the crowds’ live reaction to the music they have worked so hard on.

Hard work is the center of what they do to create what appears to be an effortless show as their voices and playing shine through. When it comes to making a career in Nashville, they advise others wanting to do the same to go for it if they are willing to put in the work.  “It’s about starting and making it happen. There are songs we write we won’t play again, but we’re still showing up everyday. You have to show up and be ready to put the work in.” says Jordyn.

When it comes to creating a sound unique to them, they have learned to just let their creativity out knowing it can bring joy to someone. “I would struggle in the song writing process (questioning) has someone already done this many other times because I want to be original… but I’ve learned to get it out, write it down and if someone enjoys it and you do too that’s what’s all about,” says Zach.

As Tupelo Honey celebrates one year since their debut single, there is no plans of slowing down with more live shows and new music on the horizon. To stay in the know of all their performances and new releases, follow them on Instagram @tupleohoneyofficial and stream their music on all platforms now – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Photo Credit Tupelo Honey Instagram and Keith Griner Phierce Photography

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