Shane Owens is “Music Man”, Singing Traditional Country Music For Every Moment Life Brings

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

A true heart for traditional country music shined through every word Shane Owens spoke as he told me about his new single “Music Man”. A genuine farm boy from Alabama who grew up on grandma’s piano playing and gospel music, made his way to Nashville at a young age not knowing the great musicians he would soon create music with. Shane told stories of performing at the Grand Ole Opry with legends like George Jones and recording music with Randy Travis. These are just some of the many opportunities he views as blessings. Read on to learn of how Shane Owens country music came to be and listen to his new single capturing the life of a country singer that will have you tapping your boots.

With several top 40 records, Shane believes radio is the heart and soul of country music. He says “Music Man” is for anyone who has ever tried to become a singer. “The song says it all, I am a music man, it’s my calling and the good Lord above gave me the talent to sing traditional country music. There’s only a handful of us out there in Nashville doing traditional country music now… anyone in this business trying to make it singing can relate to the song ‘Music Man,’” says Shane.

“I was born to be singer and a guitar slinger, in a five-piece band. Rolling down the road in a beat-up bus to a honky tonk one night stand. That’s the life I chose, it’s all I know and am, I’m just a music man.”

– Shane Owens

The boot-taping, drink raising single will have you singing along while admiring the life Shane and other country musicians chose to bring good-hearted songs that remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. While this song captures the country singer life in a few minutes, Shane advises anyone trying to pursue this career to do it because they love it and surround themselves with good people. “I’ve been so blessed. I got a great team around me from my record label, tour manager and band. I’m surrounded by great people who care to give it their best. When you have those kinds of people around you, they make you shine,” says Shane.

As he reflects on the memorable experiences throughout his career so far, Shane views music as one of the greatest gifts in life. “Music is a healer of the soul and without music I don’t know what we would do. I’ve been blessed to write and record some of the best songs in Nashville with some of the best writers and people. Music is a gift, it’s something you don’t want to take for granted.”

With Christmas time upon us, Shane released his version of “Christmas in Dixie” to share the importance of being with family during Christmas time. “It moves your heart; a tearjerker. It’s a powerful song… It’s all about what Christmas means, being with family.”

For every moment life brings, songs are wrapped up in the perfect three-minute gift that understands how we feel.  Shane enjoys singing about country life and is excited to be playing more live shows in the coming year. He will be dropping a six song EP soon, be sure to visit and follow him on Instagram to be notified of when new music releases and his tour schedule.

Download and stream “Music Man” and “Christmas in Dixie” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and other platforms.

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