You Must Listen To These Female Country Love Songs Before 2022

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

With 2022 upon us, I’ve rounded up six love songs by female country artists that are a must listen to before the year ends. Each creates an effortless sound to best tell the love story happening in their song. You will be captivated by their vulnerable voices paired perfectly to the lyrics they sing. These songs have you covered if you need a little comfort from heartbreak. So grab a glass of wine and press play….

Miss Us Then” by Leah Marie Mason – written with Bonnie Dymond.

A song you’ll want on repeat, the reminiscent lyrics and upbeat tempo of “Miss Us Then” will have you singing along from the first time you hear it. Leah sings of realizing a love wasn’t as good as she imagined it would be, but misses how she would fanaticize and long for him before they got together. She doesn’t miss the relationship, but misses the feeling of wanting it.

“I miss missing you, I miss lying next to someone else and wishing it was you. I miss stolen time, I miss obsessing over if I’ll ever see you again. I don’t miss us now, but I miss us then.”

– Leah Marie Mason

Before It All Went Wrong” by Kelsey Lamb – written with with Sarah Jones and Taylor Goyette.

Kelsey’s voice is so full of passion in this heartbreak single it will having you feeling the pain of reminiscing along with her. The song tells of the perfect moment right before a relationship went wrong. They were so in love, it felt like nothing could shake it. Kelsey sings so beautifully of a moment too good to last, something many girls can relate to feeling at one time.

“We were like fire works in the sky, hotter than a Tennessee summer night. Like flames in the woods burning out of control, it felt so good so we’d never let go. Doing 85 in your Chevy bench seat, til’ we put it in park, you slid over to me. I still remember that stupid love song that was playing on the radio, before it all went wrong.”

– Kelsey Lamb

Pretty Ugly” by Jenna Paulette – written with Jeb Gipson, Parker Welling and Will Bundy.

I’m immediately drawn to Jenna’s deep vocals and western style of telling the ugly side of romance in this song. The video captures being pretty in love to ugly in heartbreak. “One minute it’s all good, sunny skies, smiles, and happiness, the next it all falls apart and you’re dealing with disappointment and a level of depression trying to find an outlet for relief. I wanted to push the ugly side for dramatic effect because we have all suffered from different levels of those emotions,” shares Jenna.

“Roses on the counter are wilted now, nail holes where I took the pictures down. Right side nightstand looks a little bit dusty, heartbreak makes pretty ugly. Mascara running down a made up face, clouds rolled in now it always rains. It was beautiful up until he said he didn’t love me, heartbreak makes pretty ugly.”

– Jenna Paulette

Damn Boy” by Christina Taylor – written with with Jordyn Mallory, Tori Tullier, and Kristina Kidd.

In this empowering break-up song, Christina realizes that her commitment is more than that of the “Damn Boy.” The song tells of a summer love that went too fast as she went from loving hard to letting it go because he can’t love her like a man should. Christina’s vocals capture the confidence a woman should have in moving on from someone who can’t give her the love she deserves.

“I was like damn boy, you got me right in your hands boy. You made it look easy, I’m hoping that you can’t see what you doin’ to me.

Got me like damn boy, I guess I’ll never understand boy. Yeah, I thought we had a chance, know I was fallin’ for a man, but you’re nothing but a damn boy.”

– Christina Taylor

How Do We Go by Alexandra Kay – written with Lizzie Cates and Matt Wynn.

Her delicate voice sings all the questions a woman wants to know the answers to when the future of a relationship is uncertain. Alexandra takes the listener through her thoughts of longing to be loved like she once was while wondering how they can once again be in love the way they were. Her vulnerable vocals make a powerful progression as she asks the final question, “How do we go?”

“How do we go from rust to shine? Just gettin’ it done to gettin’ it done right? Not talkin’ at all, passin’ you in the hall to needin’ to hear you say goodnight. I gotta know, is it worth the fight? Should I just let it go or try to change your mind? Is a chapter about to start or the book about to close? How do we go?”

– Alexandra Kay

Song Still Gets Me” by Sarah Darling – written by Emily Shackelton, Carly Pearce and Gordie Sampson.

In her beautifully delicate voice, Sarah reminisces about a past relationship and the song that sparks the memory. “It’s amazing how a song can transport us right back to the way we felt with a person or place, happy or sad. Music is powerful in that way and I hope you connect with it as much as I do,” says Sarah. This song understands how music can instantly take you back in time in your own mind. Even though it may catch you off guard, you let the song play and embrace the day dream of that time when you were in love.

“And I see you dancing me, holding onto me all night. You whispering that you’ll never say goodbye. And baby now you don’t get to kiss me, like you used to kiss me. But that song still gets me. Yeah, that song still gets me every time.”

– Sarah Darling

I hope you enjoyed these love songs by talented female country artists on the rise. Thanks for reading to discover new music and be inspired by the works of musicians. Wishing you a Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2022!

Photo Credit: Artist Instagram pages

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