Ella Langley Captures A Selfless Love In Heartfelt Single “If You Have To”

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

They paint you in a different light after ending the relationship. They let you go, now you let them do whatever makes them feel better – even hate you if they have to. Ella Langley sings of this hard acceptance, letting go and letting them pass the blame in her single “If You Have To”.

“Hate me if you have to, if it helps you sleep at night. Paint me in whatever light, baby, that you want to. Point the finger, pass the blame, bend the truth and drag my name. Through this old bar, like it ain’t hard, do whatever makes it better. Makes you feel like I never loved you, hate me if you have to. Oh, hate me if you have to.”

– Ella Langley

Her deep southern vocals yet vulnerable state in this heartfelt song drew me into feeling everything she sings. The powerful lyrics flow effortlessly to the soft piano melody. This combo allows the listener to be fully engaged in her every word. Ella sings directly to the person who ended the relationship as they put the blame on her. Instead of fighting back, she lets them hate her. This alternative way of letting them let go in the way they want to is beautifully portrayed throughout the song and does not disappoint.

Ella’s talent is taking country music fans by storm as she hits the road this month opening for Randy Houser. I am excited to hear more music by her and see all 2022 brings for her career. Listen to “If You Have To” now on all platforms and follow her on Instagram @ellalangleymusic to be in the know of new releases.

Photo Credit: @ellalangleymusic Instagram

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