Hailey Whitters Cheers For The Small Town Girl Who Brings Her All In New Single “Everything She Ain’t”

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Hailey Whitters’ new music video release of “Everything She Ain’t” flooded my mind with high school cheerleading memories. The video gives all the nostalgic vibes as Hailey enters the old high school gym full of cheerleaders dancing and waving their pom poms to the simplistic melody. Comparison in high school is real and in this all-telling single Hailey sings as a down to earth girl who is just right for the one she’s crushing on. She’s everything the other girl ain’t, despite the spotlight the other girl has as a cheerleader.

“She ain’t a peach you oughta be pickin’, she ain’t the cup of tea you oughta be sippin’. She treats you like you’re broke, like you need fixin’, you ain’t gettin’ nothing back for all that you’re givin’. If you’re good with who you’re kissin’, c’est la vie, but I can show you what you’re missin’, yeah boy I can be…”

-Hailey Whitters

Hailey’s unique musical style is a cool mix of Kacey, Maren and Miranda with the throwback feels of Dixie Chicks. I love her simplistic yet captivating harmony in this one. Minimal make-up in a high school gym scene is all she needed to bring this song to life. Hailey understands small town life and her deep country roots are evident. This single is the first release off her upcoming album Raised set to release this March. The new collection of songs will take you back in time to Hailey’s upbringing as it made her into the woman she is today.

“To me, this song is about being the most authentic version of yourself despite what may or may not be popular at the moment,” Whitters said in a release to Rolling Stone. “Whether or not you have a Hollywood smile, this song is about owning what you bring to the table and being confident in your skin.”

– Hailey Whitters

Her music is perfect to press play to anytime I drive to the farm. This girl gets real country girls and I can’t help but feel like she gets me when I listen. Stream and download “Everything She Ain’t” now on all platforms. Be sure to watch the music video with all the high school feels. It even made me dig up this old cheerleading picture of myself! While the relationships among cheer girls are far from perfect, my school pride was beaming at every game.

Follow Hailey on Instagram to be in the know of her tour dates and upcoming music releases. You can pre-save and pre-order her 17-track album, Raised, now. 

Photo Credit: @haileywhitters Instagram and YouTube

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