Megan Knight Brings All The Nostalgic Vibes To Her Ever-Changing Moods In New Single “My Drama”

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Finding that person who will accept all sides of you can be easier said than done. With all the nostalgic vibes, rising country artist, Megan Knight, bears all in her new single My Drama. The music video paints the picture of Megan’s struggle to have the person she longs for accept all of her – drama and all.

The song is a unique mix of 80’s beats and soft rock. Megan’s mature vocals bring a sense of empowerment to the lyrics. “We all have demons and trauma in our lives. ‘My Drama’ is a song about finding the one person that can deal with all of that; the absolute depth of your soul inside and out,” shares Megan.

“Together we’re a work of art, never meant to be torn apart. I can deal with your demons and your trauma, if you can live with me and my drama.”

– Megan Knight

The music video brings the song to life as she calls a man and it goes straight to voicemail. After being ghosted, the drama queen rises within her as she begins singing of how she longs to be with him. The many outfit changes and scenes in the video portray her multiple personalities. The background of busy downtown Nashville parallels how quickly her mood changes.

While she has her own faults, Megan sings of how she will accept him for all he is, if he can accept her drama.  These scenes show her coping with this rejection in her own dramatic way. Whether it’s smashing a wine bottle or stumbling home after a night out, Megan embraces her theatrical side in “My Drama”.

“…All the pain and the crazy, so brand new, I’m finally threw, it’s all because of you baby.”

– Megan Knight

With all of the scenes and sounds, you will want to watch the captivating video multiple times. You can stream and download My Drama on all platforms now. To follow Megan’s unique sound and be in the know of new releases visit her website and social media: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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