New Band XAR Releases Next Level Country Music All Redneck Folks Need

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Growing up on a farm, brings the redneck out of you. From mudding and racing trucks to chasing livestock and making every summer cookout an eating competition. Finally, a new band has formed to put all those redneck actions into song. Their name says it all, Xtra Ass Rednex or XAR for short, is comprised of four country boys who know how to have some redneck fun at the next level. Every redneck thing they do and sing about, takes the redneck lifestyle to the extreme and I am here for it! The lyrics in their debut self-titled single “Xtra Ass Rednex” rings true to how backwards priorities can be as a redneck, with fun being number one! Together, they created the perfect sound for you to jam out and celebrate life, “We got a groove going first and played around with melodies… until it was nice and dumb,” shares John on the new single.

Take a listen now…

XAR is comprised of Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher, John Goody and Taylor Goyette. Each of them with their own country music careers, decided to join their talents and love of the country to become the new sound of redneck life. Their social channels are full of videos to make you laugh as they show the reality of being a redneck while dressed in cut off shirts, patriotic gear, bib overalls, caps and shades. They shout about their proud wins while holding a trophy for a belly flop and eating contest. It will make you laugh in seconds especially if you embrace the redneck life and have done something like this too!

This first single is meant to be over the top and set the framework of who XAR is. They break out in harmony singing of who they are in the first line and throughout the chorus. Taylor’s vocals take lead in each verse describing in detail what they are all about. He sings of having a largemouth bass mailbox, spending money on a Bluetooth cooler over trailer rent and leaving Christmas lights on the front lawn all year long. They take hick life too far in everyway and their anthem will have you singing along from the start. “The music is designed to be over the top and light-heartedly poke fun at redneck life because you know if you come from that life…and are proud of your roots,” shares Mark.

“We’re them Xtra Ass Rednecks, that’s what we are. We’re them Xtra Ass Rednecks from our tattoos, boots and ballcaps to the mud tires on our cars. We’re them fly the red, white, blue from a truck bed, Xtra Ass Rednecks.”


While this single gives Alabama southern rock vibes, Mark shared their music evolves as it brings in melodies from different genres in more songs to release this year. They will also feature other artists along with their own solo artistries on each song. They want to bring their individual listeners together to learn about each other’s music while forming a new community of XAR fans with shared values of having fun the redneck way. “Our goal is to make music people can put on repeat when they’re around a bonfire. For people to just be jamming, if the music does that – it’s perfect,” says Mark.

XAR music started as an outlet for the four guys to come together once a week and make fun music. Now it has become an outlet for anyone who has a stressful day to just press play and sing of all the simple things in life. “We’re not taking ourselves too serious. It’s fun party music,” says John. Follow @xtraassrednex on Instagram and other social channels for funny videos and new song releases you won’t want to miss! Download and stream their debut single today on Spotify, YouTube and other platforms.

Here is a clip of redneck life on a pig farm where our sport is boar riding!

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