Taylor Goyette’s Summer Drink Recipes in Tunes You Can Chill To

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Take a sip and let your worries wash away… in the heat of summer all you need is a fun tune and cold drink to chill out with. Taylor Goyette has you covered with his simple and cheap drink recipes in two songs you can enjoy all year round when you need a little escape.

The Song: “Jimmy Buffett”

This is the official song of summer chillin’. Taylor’s vocals in this tune lets you waste the day away like Jimmy Buffet does it. The simple roll-off-the-tongue lyrics will have you swaying and singing along with a drink in hand. This is for the country kids with a lawn chain by an inflatable pool in the back yard. Even if you aren’t on the beach, this song will take you there. You don’t need a lot of money to have a good time and Taylor brings the fun in this catchy melody.

The sound is what makes “Jimmy Buffet” the song it is. “I like how minimalistic it is and how stripped it sounds… that’s the charm about it,” says Taylor. When describing his music and how he wants people to feel when they hear it he says, “I want people to have a good time and think this dude is down to party.”  

The Drink: Buzz on a Budget

1 container of powered lemonade

1.75L of the cheapest vodka you can find

12 pack of cheap a$$ beer

Bag o’ ice

– @taylorgoyettemusic

“Gotta make a quick stop for powdered lemonade, so I can change the taste of this bottom shelf vodka, swiped it from my momma. Don’t take much to catch a buzz on a budget. Yeah get some punch and mix up it in a bucket. Pour it over ice, grab a straw and suck it. Waste the day high like Jimmy Buffett does it.”

– Taylor Goyette

The Song: “Piña in my Natty” featuring John Goody

Taylor mixes up a summer drink that’s cheap on price, but sweet on taste. Singing of pouring pineapple juice in his Natural Light, this song is just as catchy. In this music video you will see exactly how Taylor wants others to know him as – a normal dude, not taking himself too seriously. “I’ve always been a weirdo, an outcast, on the fringe of things. I was never the cool kid, but I love to have fun and laugh,” says Taylor, “As I get older, I forget to laugh sometimes. It’s good to write songs and remember to be happy and have a good time. I want to make people smile and laugh.”

The Drink: Piña Natty

1 iced cold can of Natural Light Beer

Add juice from a pineapple to taste

– @taylorgoyettemusic

“Where the chicas es cubana, got this lonely mericano’ sweatin’ hotter than a sauna in the south beach sand. Just a gringo in Miami, puttin’ Piña in my Natty.”

– Taylor goyette

These two drinking songs will put you in the mood to chill all year round and are just a taste of the talent Taylor has. At the start of the year he released a five song EP, What Were We Smokin‘, with all the retro laid back vibes. Taylor’s sound is all his own and sets him apart from everyone else. His music will let your mind go to a happy place. “I like music that makes me wonder, think and believe in something else. I want it to be interesting and keep people thinking,” says Taylor. You can stream and download the EP now that features “Jimmy Buffet” along with his new single “Piña in my Natty” on Spotify and all music platforms. Follow Taylor on Instagram @taylorgoyettemusic for new music and funny videos that will let you escape.

Photo Credit: Taylor Goyette Instagram @taylorgoyettemusic

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