They’re Actin’ Up, Breakin’ Up & Lovin’ Hard In My Female Country Music Favorites This Year

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Last December, I rounded up six love songs by female country artists that you can read about here: YOU MUST LISTEN TO THESE FEMALE COUNTRY LOVE SONGS BEFORE 2022. Now I’m back with another round of eights killer songs from female country artists I’ve been listening to this year. From actin’ up to breakin’ up and falling in love all over again – these songs will empower you and bring out your inner rock star as you crank this playlist up. So grab a glass of whiskey and press play…

“Actin’ Up” – Miranda Lambert

You will feel good about being bad in this rockin’ tune from Miranda. It’s all about escaping the mundane, being spicy and not feeling sorry for it. The single guitar chord that starts the song will get you in the mood for a good time straight away, so go on and act up…

I want a sunset ride, a velvet rodeo
A Colorado high, a California glow
I want to see the desert from a painted palomino
Senorita need to have a little fun
I’m actin’ up
Mm, I’m actin’ up

– Miranda Lambert

“Thank God We Broke Up” – Julia Cole

Bring the female empowerment on in this powerful song from Julia. It’s all about looking back and being so happy a relationship went so wrong because you are better off in every way. Her strong vocals will have you singing along with your hands in the air. Never put up with less than what you deserve girls…

Thank God we broke up
Cause you wouldn’t grow up
Drink so much you’d throw up
And leave me at the party
Thank God we broke up
I finally had enough
Cause you never showed up
When I needed you
Thank God we broke up, up

– Julia Cole

“Houdini” – HunterGirl

To say I’ve been playing this song a lot is an understatement. The roll off the tongue lyrics sound so sweet from HunterGirl’s southern vocals. This play on metaphors brings a new way of describing the cold hearted feeling of being ghosted. Now you hope their choice gets the worst of them for disappearing on you like that…

Hey, Houdini
Did you mean it?
Used to see you, now I don’t
Were your feelings even real?
And boy, if so then where’d they go?
Did they disappear in a puff of smoke?
Did the trigger fears turn you to a ghost?
Are you drowning in a box in the bottom of the water
‘Cause the lock broke? I hope so
Hey, Houdini

– Huntergirl

“Damn You” – Ella Langley

Have you ever been somewhere and seen your ex walk in? The feeling of your heart sinking in your chest is not one a girl wants to experience. Ella describes the feeling oh so well in this song. She knows seeing him will get to her and be drawn to him all over again. Even when you know a love isn’t good for you, they can have a way with you at just one sight…

“Damn you
Knew right where I’d be tonight
And what time that tequila would be nothing but ice
I’d have a buzz, been missing your touch
And feel a little lonely
Damn you
You’re wearing my favorite faded out jeans
Got a slick taking tongue like a young James Dean
I fall back in and here we are again
Doing what we do
Damn you.”

– Ella Langley

“Workin’ On My Country” – Royale Lynn

Ok let’s take a break from all the love and work on our country. Royal Lynn’s got you in this anthem for all the hard workin’ country folks. She describes southern starry nights, earning respect through hard work and always giving back. Country is the way life should be and let’s never stop working on it…

“Out here doin’ just fine
Doors always open if you wanna stop by
I’ve seen city lights
I can tell you they got nothing
on a southern starry night
Got a lot to learn
Favors to return
I like to give, respect to earn
Guess I’ll always be, always be, always be
Workin’ on my country.”

– Royale Lynn

“Wilder Days” – Morgan Wade

Have you met someone and learn about how they used to be? Many of us have wilder days in our youth. Some of us put those days behind, but then another longs to have known the way you were back then. Longing, wondering and romanticizing about this is portrayed so beautifully with an edgy vibe from Morgan in this captivating song…

You say you hate the smell of cigarette smoke
You only used to smoke when you drank
When you lived in Chicago
Unsure where the wind blows
I wish I’d known you in your wilder days
And now here we go
You got me falling in love again
You got a secret, I wanna keep it
I wish I’d known you in your wilder days

– Morgan Wade

“Tattoos” – Karley Scott Collins

An intense love can leave permanent thoughts in your mind. Just as a tattoo can’t be washed off, neither can the memories. Karley sings in her deep venerable vocals of how a romance went wrong, leaving her permanently marked with what was…

Permanent ink, all the pictures of places
I can’t wash you off and it’s making me crazy
Under my skin in my least favorite shade of blue
And I never wanted
No, I never wanted tattoos

– Karley Scott Collins

“Every Night Every Morning” – Maddie & Tae

Giving us hope in love is Maddie & Tae with this tune of falling in love with someone over and over again. Every night and every morning you see them in a new light, the thought of doing life without them never comes to mind. Holding them never grows old, forever is all you feel all the time…

“Every night and every morning
I fall all over again and again
And you don’t even know it
Baby, if you’re wondering when you hold me
If I still feel forever, only
Every night and every morning.”

– Maddie & Tae

I hope you enjoyed all the feels in these eight songs. I have been loving these artists and can’t wait to see what the last part of 2022 brings for these talented women. Stay tuned for my end of year list of songs you won’t want to start next year without listening to!

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