What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Happen in a Small Town

By Lauren Schwab Eyre


This trip was years in the making… and I could barely stay awake for it!

After getting back from Hawaii for my late honeymoon, I got a cold, Ohio is not paradise. Worked as hard as I could for five days in prep to meet my Texas gal friends in Las Vegas for the weekend. Working just over 30 hours in two days of weaning pigs and processing over 40 litters of piglets… Ag folks you know… I hopped on a plane.


This was my first real trip to Vegas, having only flown through before. Not only were we ready to hit the strip, but party it up at the American Country Music (ACM) Awards after party!

Old Vegas on Fremont was night one. It was crazy fun, but working hard and playing hard was catching up with this farm girl. Brittany and I were also celebrating our late 30th birthday. Ringing in 30 together was going to be a time we would not forget.

The next day we strolled through all the awe dropping hotels and casinos.






National FFA Convention 2012, Brantley and I Wishing Brittany Was Here!

At night we dressed up and got ready for dinner and the ACM party. Many artists were there, I was really excited for Brantley Gilbert and Lindsay Ell. Brittany introduced me to Brantley’s music when we first met in 2009. I got to interview him at the FFA convention and we took a picture wishing Brittany was there, so this was our time to finally see him together. If only we had gotten another pic! Watch a clip of their song “What Happens In A Small Town”:

Lindsay Ell is a way cool country rocker chick, so her performing with Brantley was the cherry on top. After the duet she took the stage solo and stole the show with her playing, even whaling on the guitar while laying down!

Lindsay inspires me with her talent and shows her down to earth energy for life online, check out her Vegas vlog…

After buying a $10 can of Shiner Bock beer at the party, yes that’s how bad I wanted to drink you Shiner, our inner boy band crushes came back when AJ McLean took the stage. Yes girls, that’s AJ from the Backstreet Boys! Now as a country singer, you can crush all over again and envy Cassadee Pope for taking the stage with him.

As we left the party we just casually strolled by Maddie and Tae, no big deal. Just kidding, I was freaking out inside! I interviewed Maddie and Tae at National FFA Convention a few years ago, you can read it here: Maddie & Tae Inspire Girls in the FFA to Fly

Not wanting the party to stop we went to an Irish pub to listen to music. Then it hit me… I was a walking zombie and had to let them finish the night alone. Maybe someday I’ll go into a trip rested, just not as long as I am pig farmer. Vegas I will miss you when I’m in the barn too long or can’t find anything to do in small town USA, but the country is where I belong and what happens in Vegas… leaves you falling asleep at work the next day!






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